NicheMapR biophysical modeling software

The biophysical modelling R package NicheMapR is a suite of programs for computing the heat, water and nutritional budgets of organisms. These include the microclimate,  ectotherm and models originally developed by Warren Porter and colleagues at the University of Madison, Wisconsin, as well as a range of related programs including algorithms for Dynamic Energy Budget model simulations.

There is now a website for NicheMapR with instructions for installation, lots of help and links to all the relevant resources including the NicheMapR google group.

Lab Equipment


We have a comprehensive set of respirometry tools, including:

Sable Systems:

FC-2 Differential Oxygen Analyzer (Oxzilla)

CA-10 Carbon Dioxide Analyzer

RH-300 Water Vapor Analyzer


LI-610 Portable Dew Point Generator

LI-7000 CO2/H2O Analyser

img_1240 img_1240

Environmental Control

We have a range of incubators, including one large Steridium cycling temperature & humidity-controlled chamber and 4 smaller temperature/light-controlled chambers.

We have large (3.8 x 5.5m area), custom built ‘weather room’ that can range in temperature from 5-40 °C and 20-80% relative humidity (as well as UV and fluorescent lighting and high wattage radiant heating) under any daily sequence.


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