Current Students


Flies disturbing Anwar in fieldTrip (22 Feb. 2019) Anwar studies the distribution and ecology of Australian grasshoppers. He is interested in understanding factors that underlie species distribution at different spatial scales, analyzing the impacts of environmental changes on species distributions and testing the effectiveness of different assessment protocols.

Anwar’s website

Gordon Berg Gordon has an interest in the ecology and phenology of the Australian Plague Locust, Chortoicetes terminifera. He is investigating what influences whether Australian plague locust outbreaks will, or will not, affect Victoria when source populations exist in other states.
Himali Himali’s PhD focuses on how climate affects the heat budgets of the Australian flying-foxes, Pteropus spp. and the roles of their behaviour, physiology and morphology towards this.

Himali’s website

Jacinta Jacinta’s PhD focuses on the role of physiology and adaptive strategies in allowing species to survive and persist under variable environments from a bottom-up approach, working with Morabine grasshoppers, Warramaba virgo.

Jacinta’s website




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